Telegram account|TDATA|Author|USA ||quality accounts|2fa.
Image: Telegram account|TDATA|Author|USA ||quality accounts|2fa.
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Telegram account|TDATA|Author|USA ||quality accounts|2fa.

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Format: TDATA
✍2FA password 324230usscfvs✍
Installed avatar, user name
✅All accounts are checked for validity.✅
❗The best quality on the market. ❗
After purchase you get an archive with a folder Format TDATA.
1) Go to the root of telegram where you have it installed.
2) Open the downloaded archive, there will be a folder in it, copy the contents of the folder.
3) All that copied transfer to the root of your telegram, namely in the folder TDATA
Password is also in the archive inside the folder and signed as "2FA.txt"
In connection with the introduction of telegram new spam filters work accounts may not be stable.
The most of all it affected Indonesia. Making purchases keep this in mind.
This is not a reason to make claims, as it does not depend on me!
Example: if you make a mailing and you are immediately banned or spam blocked it is not a reason to claim, Telegram has constant updates. And you need to constantly test before launching an invite or mailing.
No need to immediately throw the whole pack to work. In any job you need a bundle.
For proof that the account is not valid before using accounts include video recording!
Account to use geo accounts=geo proxy!
If account has spamblock on login = replace/refund