VkTarget Vkontakte 6000/8000 Coupon Promo Code Vk Target
Image: VkTarget Vkontakte 6000/8000 Coupon Promo Code Vk Target
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VkTarget Vkontakte 6000/8000 Coupon Promo Code Vk Target

Targeted advertising in the social network VKontakte Gift of 6000 rubles when you refill your advertising cabinet of the social network Refill your advertising cabinet VKontakte for 8000, and we will increase this amount by 6000 rubles Promo code can be activated only in a new advertising cabinet and it must be done within 10 days from the date of purchase. 1. Create a new advertising cabinet VKontakte. 2. Go to the budget replenishment section and select enrollment via cashless payment. For payment specify the details of your current account in Otkritie Bank. You can activate it by payment from P/S of Otkritie Bank. Activation from other banks is not guaranteed, but sometimes passes, refunds for the coupon in this case is not. 3. On a new tab open the page of activation of the promo code. https://vk.com/adbonus 4. Enter the received promo code in the field and click on the activation button. 5. After activating the promo code, pay the invoice in one installment of 8000 ₽ or more. 6. VKontakte will credit the 6000 ₽ bonus as soon as the money arrives in your promotional account. ===================== Are there any restrictions? - The promo code can only be activated in a new advertising account that has not been funded with money or promo codes before. - If a participant already has a targeted advertising account with the specified details, he/she cannot create a new account with the same details to participate in the promotion. - Bonus funds cannot be transferred to another advertising account. - A participant can request a refund, but bonus funds are not refunded. - Accrued bonus funds include VAT. - As long as the account is credited for the promotional code, you cannot promote in the VKontakte Advertising Network, a tool that allows you to display advertisements in communities. - Advertisements must comply with VKontakte's social network rules and advertising rules. Familiarize yourself with them before creating a campaign. https://vk.com/terms.